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richard williams
Not much to say. I'll be 51 this year(2004), unemployed for the last 4 years, by choice. Decided to travel summers and read. Last 3 summers in mainland China, a place i would dearly love to live in and work for a few years, however my wife doesn't like China, so we don't discuss the issue anymore. Have six kids, from 18 to 28.

Working primarily on the creation evolution design debate since about sept of last year, expect, hope to finish about sept this year. Almost all my thoughts are dominanted by this topic, and all my reading directed study towards getting something done in working through the field.

still reading, March 2005, working on my church's website at: http://rinconmountainpca.com and writing up an Adult Education class on the history of American Presbyterianism at: http://dakotacom.net/~rmwillia/hap0.html

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